Alumni Testimonials

  • Jennifer M. McDonald, MD, MPH

    Jennifer M. McDonald, MD, MPH

    "During medical school and clinical training, it can be hard to see beyond the ward where you are working. The Preventive Medicine Residency at the University of Michigan was an amazing opportunity to examine the healthcare system as a whole and to better understand determinants of health beyond what we do in clinical medicine."

  • Laura Johnson, MD, MPH

    Laura Johnson, MD, MPH

    "Preventive medicine is at the interface of patient care and public health. My PMR training has allowed me to develop the skills and connections to work in both settings."

  • Monique Reeves, MD, MPH

    Monique Reeves, MD, MPH

    "I believe that public health and preventive medicine are the vehicles or causes through which my professional life will have the greatest positive effect on my fellow man."

  • Kevin L. Piggott, MD, MPH

    Kevin L. Piggott, MD, MPH

    "Medical School generally provides an inadequate understanding of the healthcare industry to its students (future physicians) and this is likewise true of residency training. The Preventive Medicine program at U of M allowed me to rectify this knowledge deficit while providing a far broader understanding of health that I can apply in my position."

  • Curi Kim, MD, MPH

    Curi Kim, MD, MPH

    "I wouldn't be where I am today without the skills and connections from my PMR training."

  • Michael Jhung, MD, MPH

    Michael Jhung, MD, MPH

    "The PMR training I received at Michigan is absolutely essential to the work I do now. Since I no longer practice clinical medicine, my entire career is focused on public health and preventive medicine. I'm a much better public health practitioner because of what I learned during residency--in fact, I'm not sure I'd be where I am now without it."

  • Sarah Luckhaupt, MD, MPH

    Sarah Luckhaupt, MD, MPH

    "I was a rare person who went to medical school knowing that I wanted to be an epidemiologist with a strong medical base. Completing the PMR at the University of Michigan after medical school and a clinical internship made that dream a reality."