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From a population health perspective, understanding kids’ eating behavior is more important than ever. Today, nearly one in five school-aged children in the US is affected by obesity, and childhood obesity disproportionately affects children living in low-income households. But it’s not just about preventing obesity—it’s about helping kids establish lifelong healthy relationships with food and with their bodies.

In this special preview of the University of Michigan School of Public Health's upcoming podcast, "Population Healthy," Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences Katherine Bauer sits down to talk about ways parents can manage effective nutrition for their kids, the day-to-day factors that impact it, and strategies for setting the home environment up for success. 

Listen to "Population Healthy" on Spreaker.

About the Expert

Kate BauerKatherine Bauer is an assistant professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and research faculty with the university's Center for Human Growth and Development. Trained as a behavioral epidemiologist, Bauer's research focuses on understanding social and behavioral influences on children's healthy eating, activity, and weight, and translating these findings into innovative, effective obesity prevention programs.