Healthy Dearborn Coalition


The Healthy Dearborn Coalition is a partnership between Beaumont Health, City of Dearborn, and Dearborn Public Schools to use a community approach to create a culture of health in Dearborn through active living and healthy eating strategies. 

Dearborn, a thriving diverse community, will fully embrace a unified culture of health where everyone enjoys whole health (mind, body, spirit) with equal access to healthy foods, healthcare, green space and opportunites for safe and active living. - Healthy Dearborn Coalition Vision Statement

More about the partnership

Healthy Dearborn Coalition set a goal to create a culture of equity related to health and social justice by January of 2021, and identified a need for a tool (Equity Assessment Tool) to self-assess their programs to determine if they meet best practices for equity and inclusion. Equity Assessment Tool: A collection of tools and approaches that help an organization self-reflect on their mission, values, and work in order to assess progress toward equity in every stage of their work. Our students worked with HDC to review existing equity tools and create the collective vision for the tool. 

Proposed Structure of Tool

HDC proposed structure of tool

Why is this Common Language Component needed?

  • Differences in what the same words mean to people
  • Build understanding 
  • Different places in journey
  • Improve discourse

Proposed Format: Publicly available, an online format, and to ensure it's a working document. 

To learn more, check out the slide deck here.