Training & Resources

Michigan Public Health Training Center Training Gateway

Our trainings are offered in a variety of modalities such as:

  • On-site trainings in different areas of the state
  • Online mentored and self-paced courses
  • Interactive Television (ITV)
  • CD-ROMs
  • Webcasts

Trainings are designed to promote effective and accessible learning opportunities. Through distance learning, for example, the MPHTC strengthens technological skills and links public health workers within Michigan and across state and national borders. Our courses are low-cost, or free, and scholarships are available for those working in Michigan.

Michigan Regional Public Health Practice Profiles

In the spring and summer of 2012, Office of Public Health Practice representatives met with Health Officers or their representatives in six regional public health profile meetings (see map below) to ask about issues of importance for Michigan’s local health departments and their communities. In those meetings five topic areas were explored:

  • Key population health issues
  • Training & workforce development topics
  • Local policy advancement
  • Practice project themes
  • Research/research translation areas

The responses are listed in a factsheet for each of the six regions and compiled into a Summary Report.

Michigan Engaging Community through the Classroom

The Michigan Public Health Training Center funded a collaborative project in which School of Public Health graduate students conducted a preliminary Health Impact Assessment based on readily available information for nearby Willow Run, MI. This Winter Term 2013 project is part of a broader University of Michigan effort called Engaging Community Through the Classroom (MECC). The MECC initiative is a multi-disciplinary, community service and teaching initiative at the University of Michigan. Seven public health students from the Environmental Health Sciences and Health Behavior and Health Education departments worked in partnership with community stakeholders and other academic units at the University of Michigan on a community-driven project in Willow Run, MI.

Practice Office Publications

A variety of public health assessments, reports, manuals and more.