Michigan Regional Public Health Practice Profiles

In the spring and summer of 2012, Office of Public Health Practice representatives met with Health Officers or their representatives in six regional public health profile meetings (see map below) to ask about issues of importance for Michigan’s local health departments and their communities. In those meetings five topic areas were explored:

  • Key population health issues
  • Training & workforce development topics
  • Local policy advancement
  • Practice project themes
  • Research/research translation areas

The responses are listed in a factsheet for each of the six regions and compiled into a Summary Report, downloadable from this webpage in PDF format below:

Region 1Download fact sheet for region 1

Region 2Download fact sheet for region 2

Map of region 3Download the fact sheet for region 3

Map of region 4Download the fact sheet for region 4

Map of region 5Download the fact sheet for region 5

Map of region 6Download the fact sheet for region 6