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wedding ceremony

Essential "I Do's": Epidemiology Alums Marry in Hospital During Pandemic

Jen Andonian, MPH ‘15 and Matt Shearer, MPH ‘14

Two epidemiology alums found love here on campus while earning their master’s degrees. When their wedding plans are interrupted by a global pandemic, their community of health colleagues help them get married in a unique ceremony fit for these hardworking frontline heroes.

Brooke Callaghan

Inspired by Adversity to Create Better Health through Food

Brooke Callaghan

Inspired by her own brush with food insecurity, master's student Brooke Callaghan has committed her education, and her own personal time, to improving food access and trying to combat health risks associated malnutrition.

Rachel Jantz

Never Lose Sight of the People behind the Data

Rachel Jantz, MPH ’14

Rachel Jantz has wanted to care for people in her community since she was a child. She discovered in college that she loves data. Public health, specifically epidemiology, brought those loves together for her. As an opioids epidemiologist in Michigan, she works to connect human experiences and data to help people stay healthy.

Lilah Khoja

From Syria to Michigan: A Long Journey to Public Health

Lilah Khoja

Lilah Khoja’s path to public health wasn’t a straight one. After completing a degree in international development, she worked in a variety of industries, trying to find the right fit. In her work with Syrian refugees in Turkey, she realized public health was her calling.

Karin Dove

Preventing Sickness and Injury: An Occupational Passion

Karin Dove, MPH '16, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology

Karin Dove knows the public health work she does will impact large populations of people. Data is her key tool in that endeavor, and translating the value of that data is one or her biggest challenges and joys.