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Who we Are

Adam Ancira-CorriganAdam Ancira-Corrigan, Director of Student Affairs
1722 SPH I
Oversees policies and procedures in student life that include: registrar, advising, counseling, student organization and student programming.

Mary Beth CarrollMary Beth Carroll, Assistant Director of Student Affairs or, 734-763-3860
Admissions processing and review coordination for MHI and CFPH, and overall planning of recruiting calendar and event attendance.

Gennie AndersonGennie Anderson, Student Engagement Specialist
1700 SPH I
Gennie is the main point of contact for personal and academic concerns. She also represents student interest in the school-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts and assist in student life programming and graduation.

Dani KoelDani Koel, Student Life Program Specialist
1730 SPH I
Dani is responsible for overseeing student life programming and SPH Student Organizations. Dani also oversees the six certificate programs at SPH and can answer any questions about those programs.