U-M SPH Public Health Symposium

The biennial all-school symposium is a component of the curriculum of the School of Public Health. It is designed to meet professional needs of students, faculty, alumni, and guests of the school. The symposium generally takes place on a Monday, and includes events that last throughout the day. Most on-site classes are cancelled that day, so SPH students and faculty can attend the event.

2016 Symposium

2016 Symposium graphicCelebrating Progress in Population Health and Tobacco Control

The 2016 Symposium, "Celebrating Progress in Population Health and Tobacco Control," will be held Monday, October 10. The main events will be hosted at Rackham Auditorium, followed by breakout luncheon sessions at the School of Public Health. This year's symposium will take place in conjunction with the School of Public Health 75th anniversary celebration.

2014 Symposium

2014 Symposium LogoConfronting the Challenges of Chronic Disease: A Symposium Honoring the Legacy of Noreen M. Clark

Archived video of presentations

2012 Symposium

2012 Symposium LogoCapacity Building for Global Health: Responding to Challenges and Opportunities

Archived video of presentations

2010 Symposium

2010 Symposium LogoHealth and Human Rights: Reframing the Public Health Agenda

Archived video of presentations

2008 Symposium

2008 Symposium LogoThe Global Crisis of Aging: Population, Biology, and Social Implications

Archived video of presentations

2006 Symposium

2006 Symposium LogoKatrina, Catastrophes, and Communicable Disease Calamities: Are We Prepared?

Archived video of presentations

2004 Symposium

2004 Symposium LogoGlobal Health: The Challenge of Inequality

2002 Symposium

2002 symposium logoObesity - The Public Health Approach: Epidemiology and Intervention

2001 Symposium

Environmental Health Policy, Science and Public Perception: A Challenge for Genetically Modified Organisms

2000 Symposium

Connecting Research, Education, Practice and Community

1999 Symposium

Tobacco Control: Where Do We Go From Here?

1998 Symposium

On the Health of Our Children

About the Public Health Symposium

This biennial symposium is a unique aspect of the School of Public Health curriculum. The day is designed for exploration and dialogue, thinking broadly and intensely as a community about a public health issue. The symposium is open to a limited number of faculty and students from the wider university and to some key community representatives. UM SPH alumni are also invited to attend.

This immersion program will leave you with an enhanced understanding of the issues and a stronger appreciation for the work of your colleagues across SPH departments and elsewhere in global health. All SPH classes are suspended for the Symposium, enabling all students and faculty to attend the symposium.