Speaker Videos

Mary HaanMary Haan - The Global Crisis of Aging: Population, Biology, and Social Implications; 2008 UM SPH Symposium Overview (also, welcome by UM SPH Dean Ken Warner)

Linda FriedLinda P. Fried - Coming of Age: Where Does an Aging World Fit in Public Health?

Eileen CrimminsEileen M. Crimmins - Why Is the U.S. Lagging Behind Other Countries in Life Expectancy?

Richard MillerRichard Miller - Extending Human Lifespan: Scientific Prospects and Political Obstacles

Jeffrey HalterJeffrey B. Halter - Aging and the Crises in Medical Care

S. Jay OlshanskyS. Jay Olshansky - The Rise and Fall of Human Longevity in the 21st Century