Computing Resources

Members of the Department of Biostatistics have several computing options available to them.

Student Computing Labs

The Biostatistics Student Computing Laboratory is located in room M4048A SPH II. This lab contains 10 Windows workstations as well as printing resources. This lab is exclusively available to Biostatistics graduate students (MPH, MS, and PhD) and students taking Biostatistics classes.

The printers in the Biostatistics Student Computing Lab are maintained by Campus Computing Sites and have a cost of $0.06 per black and white impression. Each student is allocated $24 per semester by the University as part of their basic computing package. The department further offers and additional $12 per student. Students who exceed their printing allocation may request a larger allocation from the department by completing this form.

Campus Computing Sites offer public-access workstations with university-licensed software across the UM-Ann Arbor campus. More than 2,000 Windows and Mac computers are located in 17 locations on Central Campus, 4 locations on North Campus, and in 100+ cyberstation locations in study lounges, dining areas, and collaboration and study spaces. All Campus Computing Sites (excluding cyberstations) have black and white laser printers, and several provide color or large format printing, scanners, and instructional and training materials.

Departmental Cluster

The Department of Biostatistics provides a high performance computing (HPC) cluster for faculty, students and researchers. The cluster consists of 58 compute nodes with a total of 1092 physical CPU cores and ~6TB of memory. The cluster has a number of statistical software packages installed including: R, SAS, and Gurobi. The cluster makes use of Slurm for workload management.

University Cluster

Advanced Research Computing Technology Services runs a High Performance Computing cluster environment for researchers at the University of Michigan and their collaborators. Access to this cluster, known as Flux, requires the purchase of an allocation on a per month per core basis. Please contact to request an allocation.