I AM FPHLP 2015: Katherine Campollo

Katherine CampolloKatherine Campollo, a 2015 FPHLP participant is a recent graduate of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa where she studied Philippine Language and Culture. Her field placement was with the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation (CHRT) in Ann Arbor, MI. Her responsibilities there included researching the state of Planned Parenthood in Michigan to determine the demographic makeup of populations. She used this information to design maps, figures, and other data tools to highlight uninsured rates and health coverage in the state. She also helped in the design of a semi-structured interview guide that will be used to talk to local clinics about their capacity and perspectives on partnering with Planned Parenthood.

Working with CHRT was actually Katherine’s biggest challenge while participating in the program since she was not familiar with doing research and analyzing data. As a result, however, she discovered that she can remain flexible while learning a new skill.

The potential for personal growth is what originally led Katherine to apply to the FPHLP. From the moment she was accepted into the program, Katherine says that she knew she would be challenged, having to eventually step outside of her comfort zone. And that’s exactly what she did. “The highlight of my FPHLP experience was building new relationships that I know will last a lifetime.” In just a short period of time, she was able to build her network within public health while also learning more about the field.

As a result of her participation, Katherine’s own goals became clearer to her, and she credits the program for opening her eyes to the possibility of obtaining a dual degree Master of Public Health and Master of Social Work.

Since the program ended, she has been working to find a position within an organization that aligns with her own personal vision of helping both the youth and elderly lead better lives.

Katherine advises interested students to apply for the FPHLP, even if they are doubtful about getting accepted. She says, “You never know.” She also advises them to keep an open-mind throughout the program, but most importantly, “Have fun, build your network, and really learn what you want to do. Find your vision and passion in the world and roll with it.”