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Too Many Older Adults Readmitted to Hospitals With Same Infections They Took Home

Youth who are exposed to lead may have a harder time getting a good night's sleep, which may affect their cognitive abilities. Read More.

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Upcoming Project to Research Link Between Tobacco Use and Discrimination

The Center for the Assessment of Tobacco Regulations (CAsToR) was recently awarded a diversity supplement to help conduct research on the influence of discrimination on patterns of tobacco use. Read More.

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Translating Public Health Research

In classrooms, labs, and communities, public health reveals deeper understandings about human health. But to empower populations and impact lives for the better, that knowledge has to be shared. Sharing knowledge is, after all, central to the mission of public health.

“The online MPH program allows me to keep taking these amazing and valuable travel assignments that make my job amazing. There are pieces to balance, but I’m able to go on trips, gain professional experience, and still keep moving forward with with my school work because I can access it from anywhere.”

Delany Preston

MPH Student, Online Population and Health Sciences Master's Program