State Opioid Monitoring Programs Not All Created Equal

States that have struggled with opioid abuse might want to take a look at prescription drug monitoring programs in Kentucky, New Mexico, Tennessee and New York—states that have significantly reduced opioid dosages, according to a new study led by Rebecca Haffajee, assistant professor of health management and policy. Read more.

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Evolving Education for a New Era of Public Health

Through a grant from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, Michigan Public Health going through a comprehensive process to evolve its classroom teaching. The school's Instructional Services team, faculty and administration are developing new methods, such as flipped courses, to better prepare the next generation of public health professionals.

"The fields of genetics and genomics have exploded in recent years, which brings great opportunities, including advances in precision health. But these important advances also pose ethical, legal and social questions and dilemmas."

Scott Roberts

Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education