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New Video, Website Explain Coronavirus for Kids

The complexity of the coronavirus pandemic is especially difficult for children to understand. With that in mind, the University of Michigan School of Public Health has created a video to provide scientifically accurate information in a way that aims to get children and their families talking constructively about the coronavirus and the way it has impacted their lives.

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Returning to Work Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Public health includes both protecting people from coronavirus AND getting people back to work as safely as possible. They are not mutually exclusive. Without a vaccine, we must use other layers of protection, called "stacked practices." This short animated video explains the stacked practices we all need to take as we begin returning to work, based on the research and expertise of Michigan Public Health faculty. By following these measures together, we can get back to work swiftly and safely. Without them, we’ll be jeopardizing our health and our economy.

"I want to make effective changes in the health of communities who need it most."


Marcus McKay Jr.

Master’s Student in Epidemiology & Admissions Ambassador

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