Football player

Football Players as Workers: Should OSHA Regulate the NFL?

What would happen if we started thinking of NFL players as workers, who might be in harm's way as they tackle and crash to the amazement of millions of fans? Adam M. Finkel, clinical professor of Environmental Health Sciences, explores this question. Read more.

We are Michigan Public Health

Field Notes: Jill Schaefer

Jill Schaefer, a master's student in Nutritional Sciences who is pursuing a dual degree in public health and social work, spent the summer interning at the Intergenerational Garden in Chelsea, MI, a collaboration between the Chelsea Senior Center and the Chelsea Farmers Market.

"[At Michigan Public Health] you don't just learn the one theory and develop a thesis or paper and call that knowledge. You actually develop a way of solving a problem, a way of understanding and knowing what are the other creative ways that you can contribute to this theory or model, so that you can solve applied problems."

Rena Sun, PhD '12