Some Nose, Throat Bacteria Make It Less Likely to Get Flu

Researchers at the University of Michigan hope they've taken the first step in a long road to make a flu-preventing pill a reality after they identified a cluster of nose and throat bacteria that made their hosts less likely to get the flu. Read More.

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What Is Environmental Health Science?

The environment around you influences your health and the health of your friends and family in countless ways. In the third installment of our ongoing "What Is Public Health?" video series, learn about these environmental impacts and how public health professionals work to address them to improve health for all.

"What appealed to me about public health from the beginning was the ability to impact communities on a wide scale. Public health, by default, is about thinking and troubleshooting, about how to structure programs and build policies, practices, and systems that benefit the population writ large."

Brenda Henry

PhD '07, Chief Operating Officer, NYC Administration for Children's Services Division of Child and Family Well-Being