Prescription Medication

Improving Affordability of Prescription Drugs

Out-of-pocket expenses for prescription medications impose a heavy financial burden, especially on low- and middle-income individuals with chronic diseases, often reducing medication adherence and worsening health outcomes. Minal Patel, assistant professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, explores these issues and potential solutions. Read More.

We are Michigan Public Health

Field Notes: Brittany McQueer, Shadi Larson, and Meghan Watkins

Three master's students interned with LiquidGoldConcept, a breast health and lactation education company founded by a Michigan Public Health alum.

"If we're really going to make changes around pharmaceutical policy in this country, there needs to be a long-term effort around that and we need to put resources behind that—not just monetary but people—to really look at solutions in both an evidence-based and nonpartisan manner."

Minal Patel

John G. Searle Assistant Professor of Health Behavior and Health Education