I AM FPHLP 2019: Michaela Khoussine

Michaela Khoussine, FPHLP 2019

Michaela Khoussine was part of the Michigan FPHLP 2019 cohort. She graduated from The University of Oklahoma with her degree in Health and Exercise Science. In Summer 2019, she interned at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital where she worked with an organization called SRSLY.

SRSLY is a coalition of community members that come together to promote positive choices, as well as prevent youth substance abuse. At her field placement, Michaela's role consisted of planning engaging programs for SRSLY, as well as work on graphics to highlight statistics associated with current trends in positive behavior among the youth. 

When Michaela discovered her passion in public health, she knew that she needed to dive in head-first to the experiences and opportunities that FPHLP had to offer. Lookng back at her time in Michigan, Michaela thinks of the cohort's trip to the Statewide Tribal Opioid Summit. This experience was eye-opening and fascinating to her. Prior to this summit, Michaela was not properly educated on the complexity of the opioid epidemic in Michigan’s Native communities. 

Michaela's greatest challenge as a FPHLP participant was overcoming imposter syndrome. From the moment she received her acceptance email, she constantly questioned her competence and skills that were vital for being a part of this program. She feared failure, which routinely led to sabotaging her own success. By being a part of the FPHLP 2019 cohort, Michaela learned how to visualize success with the help of her peers and mentors that showed her that she was the only person standing in the way of accomplishing her goals. She now realizes that she has what it takes to accomplish everything she chooses to pursue in both her personal and professional endeavors. 

Since Michaela left Michigan, she graduated from The University of Oklahoma with her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Exercise Science. She is currently pursuing her Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology. She works as a graduate research assistant currently focused on analyzing financial hardships among native American cancer patients as well as a smoking cessation program among diabetic patients. 

Michaela's advice to someone considering applying to FPHLP is just do it. You will never regret applying, but you will regret not taking the opportunity to submerge yourself in all that this program has to offer. Michaela still keeps up with members from her 2019 cohort; getting to share experiences with individuals from all over the U.S. is something she will always appreciate.  

Michaela Khoussine, FPHLP 2019