I AM FPHLP 2021: Jeremy Tang

Jeremy Tang, FPHLP 2021Jeremy Tang was part of the Michigan FPHLP 2021 cohort. He is currently a senior at Chapman University majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Sociology. In his summer with FPHLP, he interned at ACESS.

As an undergraduate student at an institution without a public health program, Jeremy found it difficult to explore the field and a potential career in public health. He has had the opportunity during his education to conduct public health research with a professor at his university, who encouraged him to seek out experiences and internships in public health. Upon discovering Michigan FPHLP, Jeremy knew that the program was exactly what he needed to truly understand his passions and possible career in public health. He was excited to participate in FPHLP because it provided him useful skills, developed his knowledge in the field and public health careers, connected him with a network of individuals, and gave him real world experience.

At ACCESS, Jeremy was a health education and research summer intern. He aided in facilitating focus groups to explore COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in the Middle Eastern/North African community. Following data collection, Jeremy performed theme and qualitative data analyses. Furthermore, he developed health educational materials that encouraged the community to utilize breast and colorectal cancer screening services. Throughout the process, Jeremy developed cultural competency through community-based participatory research.

Despite the program being virtual during the 2021 cohort, Jeremy had an amazing experience with FPHLP. He is grateful to have had the opportunity to meet everyone in the cohort through Zoom calls, group projects, and community engagement events. Jeremy was able to meet some of his best friends through the program! He also thoroughly enjoyed being able to meet and network with his preceptors, mentors, faculty, alumni, and guest speakers who have influenced his goals and career in public health.

The greatest challenge as a participant would be navigating group projects and different time zones through a virtual setting. Over time, his group, preceptors, and him found ways to navigate and accommodate for differing time zones. Through that experience, Jeremy learned the importance of being flexible and empathetic when working in group settings in order to foster a sense of community and to complete common tasks.

Following FPHLP this summer, Jeremy plans to graduate from Chapman University with my B.S. in Health Sciences in December 2021! During his last semester of undergraduate studies, Jeremy plans to apply to MPH programs for 2022, where he hopes to study epidemiology!

In the future, Jeremy hopes to work in a governmental organization doing epidemiological work around infectious diseases. In addition to working within public health, he hopes to attend a graduate program to study to become a health care professional, where he would utilize the knowledge and skills he gained while working in public health to provide culturally competent and equitable care to all communities.

To those contemplating applying to Michigan FPHLP, Jeremy would say to apply! It does not matter your skillset or background. Everyone who is interested in public health and bettering the health and lives of others should apply to this program! The program and the people Jeremy has met have been truly influential and helpful in navigating his goals and career in public health. FPHLP provides a safe space to learn and grow as well as develop relationships with others wanting to pursue careers in public health and those who are already established!