I AM FPHLP 2021: Nina Pinto

Nina PintoNina Pinto was part of the Michigan FPHLP 2021 cohort. She is a senior at Hampton University and is pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Pre-Medicine. During the FPHLP Summer of 2021, Nina interned with Community Family Life Center (CFLC).

Nina was encouraged to apply to Michigan’s FPHLP by her pre-med advisor on campus. At first, she was nervous about what to anticipate with the program. However, after seeing everything she would be doing during her time at FPHLP, it was evident that she needed to apply. Although the virtual program is different from the original in-person format, she had a great time with FPHLP over the summer. 

In her field placement, Nina was responsible for working with her preceptor to design a COVID-19 reopening plan for the After School Enrichment Program. She evaluated many COVID-19 policies and created training resources for the program so that it would be fully effective to work with children. Overall, she had the most wonderful time and learned about policy implementation at her field placement with CFLC. 

Pinto’s FPHLP experience was very fun and engaging. Her biggest highlight involved the poster presentations. It was such a great day and everyone from preceptors to cohort members supported each other.

If there was any challenge in being a FPHLP participant, it was adjusting to the workload. While the assignments were so fun and interesting, it got overwhelming at times. She was very grateful for her cohort though, since they kept each other accountable and made the work much more fun (even in the thick of it).

Post-life Michigan FPHLP, Nina has done quite a bit. She is currently applying to graduate schools to work toward her MPH. While she still aspires to become a physician, she loves that FPHLP gave her the resources and encouragement to explore her interests in public health. 

As a result of completing FPHLP, her ultimate goal is to become a physician (most likely a pediatrician). However, after FPHLP, she also wants to pursue philanthropy and open a clinic to provide free health services to low-income communities. Public health is about equity and the pursuit of social justice for all, and she hopes that her contributions to medicine in the future can help her make the world a better place in public health as well. 

Applying to FPHLP is a great experience for those who are interested in learning about equity and equality. Public health often has to deal with heavy topics like racism, sexism, classism, and so much more. Therefore, people who are interested in looking into those issues and how they permeate areas like housing, food insecurity, and educational inequities are great fits to apply to FPHLP.