I AM FPHLP 2021: Ty'Shawn Hopkins

Ty'Shawn HopkinsTy’Shawn Hopkins was part of the Michigan FPHLP 2021 cohort. He is currently a senior at Misericordia University majoring in Medical & Health Humanities and Philosophy and minoring in Ethics. During FPHLP Summer of 2021, Ty’Shawn interned with Washtenaw County Health Department.

Through Michigan FPHLP, Ty’Shawn wanted to explore the field of public health, policy, and administration in a way that would both provide him with unique experiences and provide a challenge. He wanted to learn from professionals who could give him a whole perspective on the field so that he could use his time with FPHLP to help shape his career path.

During his time at the Washtenaw County Health Department, Ty’Shawn worked in the Emergency Preparedness Department. Here, he gathered research and provided information on at-risk populations for vaccine hesitancy.

The highlight of Ty’Shawn’s FPHLP experience was getting to not only conduct research, but present it as well! He never had an opportunity to do anything like this before, so it was a new level of excitement. Though, he can't forget the biggest highlight of all: meeting so many amazing new friends!

The biggest challenge Ty’Shawn faced was learning to work from a completely virtual environment. Though he hopes that this is not the case with future cohorts, it was a unique challenge that defined the FPHLP 2021 cohort. Ty’Shawn thinks the cohort of 2021 not only accepted this challenge, but embraced it, making this experience their own.

Since leaving Michigan FPHLP, Ty’Shawn has been in his senior year of college. He has conducted two major thesis projects based mostly on doctor-patient relationships and is currently looking for work in the field of healthcare administration. Ty’Shawn says FPHLP showed him that there are so many ways to help people. His goal has been to find a way to help as many people in healthcare as he can without being a hands-on doctor. Ty’Shawn’s plans to start a career somewhere that lets him advocate for the health of others and build upon the strengths that he developed during FPHLP.

Ty’Shawn believes others should apply to Michigan FPHLP because FPHLP not only educates you on multiple avenues of public health and healthcare, but also provides you with an experience that you aren't going to get anywhere else. He has met some truly amazing people and gotten to do some amazing things thanks to this program. It is completely worth the challenge!