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Environmental Monitoring Will Be Key as World Reaches Global Polio Eradication

New Research from Andrew Brouwer

Robust environmental monitoring should be used as the world approaches global eradication of polio, say researchers from the University of Michigan School of Public Health who recently studied the epidemiology of the 2013 silent polio outbreak in Rahat, Israel. Read more

Dad and children

"The Best Possible Parent"

Research in Focus with Alison Miller

Even under the best circumstances, parenting can be stressful and challenging. But for parents facing significant obstacles such as poverty, incarceration, or mental health issues, those stresses multiply. Alison Miller, associate professor of Health Behavior and Health Education, works on interventions to support parents and help their children thrive. Read more

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The Power of Quantitative Data: How Numbers Illuminate Policy Problems and Solutions

In the 1950s, most cars didn’t come with seatbelts standard. Now, your car won’t let you drive across the parking lot without dinging until you buckle up. Just how important is empirical data in evaluating public health risks and shaping public policy? Read more

A village-heath post in Debre Berhan, Ethiopia, in the Amhara Region, about 120 kilometers northeast of Addis Ababa

School of Public Health Delegation Visits Partners in Ethiopia and Kenya

This summer, School of Public Health representatives visited research collaborators in Ethiopia and Kenya to learn more about their public health challenges and to discuss new avenues for future partnerships. Read more