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PFAS contamination through cookware


IN THE NEWS: Sung Kyun Park Talks PFAS, Disparate Impacts on Different Populations

According to new research, the chemical pollutant PFAS — or polyfluorolalkyl substances — can cause different kinds of chemical mutations depending on a person's race. PFAS have been used for decades in industrial and consumer products, such as cookware, grease-proof food packaging, and fire-retardant materials. Read more

older adult taking pill

Improving Affordability of Prescription Drugs

Q & A with Minal Patel

Out-of-pocket expenses for prescription medications impose a heavy financial burden, especially on low- and middle-income patients with chronic diseases, often reducing adherence to medication and worsening health outcomes. Members of Congress have launched an investigation into the rising prices of life-saving drugs like insulin. Read more

Empty classroom

School Homicides Have Become More Common and More Deadly, CDC Data Show

Rebecca Cunningham Quoted in the L.A. Times

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms what too many students across the country already know: The incidence of mass homicides on school campuses has risen steeply in recent years, as has their toll. Read more

Zika Researcher

Children Who Had a Dengue Infection Could Be Protected from Symptomatic Zika

New Research from Aubree Gordon

A prior dengue virus infection could protect children from symptomatic Zika virus infection, according to a study by an international group of researchers including those from the University of Michigan and the University of California, Berkeley. Read more