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people using cell phones to browse social media


Genes for Good: Harnessing the Power of Facebook to Study a Large, Diverse Genetic Pool

New Research from Gonçalo Abecasis and Katharine Brieger

Collecting DNA samples for human genetic studies can be an expensive, lengthy process that has often made it difficult to include diverse populations. Now, University of Michigan researchers believe they have found a way to harness the power of social media to recruit a large, diverse participant pool. Read more

stressed older woman staring through blinds

Growing Life Expectancy Inequality in Us Cannot Be Blamed on Opioids Alone

New Research from Arline Geronimus

A new University of Michigan study challenges a popularized view about what's causing the growing gap between the lifespans of more- and less-educated Americans—finding shortcomings in the widespread narrative that the United States is facing an epidemic of "despair." Read more

girl grabbing gun from cabinet

To Protect Kids and Teens from Firearm Harm, Answer These Research Questions First

New Contribution from Marc Zimmerman and Rebecca Cunningham

As interest grows in addressing pediatric firearm injuries — the second-leading cause of death for young people, researchers list the most urgent priorities for study. Read more

woman shopping for groceries while looking at cell phone

IN THE NEWS: The FDA Finds Groceries Are Contaminated. But Will It Do Anything About That?

New Contribution from Sung Kyun Park

Americans are likely consuming per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)—man-made contaminants—with every meal, from packaged meats to chocolate cake sold at the grocery store. PFAS in water are already regulated. Environmental advocates think it's time for food to be regulated too. Read more