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Man smoking cigarette


Raising Tobacco Purchase Age to 21 Would Prevent Thousands of Premature Deaths in Michigan

New Research from Holly Jarman and Rafael Meza

Restricting sales of tobacco products to people 21 and older could keep 11,000 Michiganders from starting to smoke, potentially avoiding premature deaths in two-thirds of that population, according to a University of Michigan study. Read more

Society of Toxicology

Michigan Public Health Faculty and Students Recognized by Society of Toxicology

Four University of Michigan School of Public Health faculty and students were recognized by the Society of Toxicology (SOT) at the SOT Annual Meeting March 10-14, 2019. Read more

Water bottles

IN THE NEWS: Plastic is Probably Harming Your Health--Here's How

John Meeker Quoted in Salon

Plastic is commonly used in a multitude of items due to its convenience and cost. As a result, many people don’t often evaluate the potential health risk that it presents. In a statement published earlier this year by the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks, 14 emerging health and environmental issues were identified. Near the top of that list was plastic. Read more


IN THE NEWS: Does Prior Dengue Exposure Help or Hurt a Zika Infection?

New Contribution from Aubree Gordon

Due to their structural similarities and because the latest Zika outbreak appeared in dengue-endemic regions, scientists have been investigating whether antibodies against one might be able to react to the other—and whether these interactions could either worsen or buffer against infections. Read more