The University of Michigan School of Public Health is pursuing a healthier, more equitable world through education, research and action. We are driven by our values of compassion, innovation and inclusion to create meaningful, lasting impact.

The University of Michigan School of Public Health began its pursuit of a healthier world in 1941. Ranked among the top public health schools in the country, Michigan Public Health educates and trains more than 1,000 graduate and undergraduate students each year.

Our faculty, staff and students have contributed to public health innovations throughout our history:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield was created here.
  • The National Sanitation Foundation was founded here.
  • The first Earth Day was held here.
  • The Salk polio vaccine was devised here.

Today and into the future:

  • We are using genetics to create individually tailored approaches to health,.
  • We research climate change, water pollution and air quality.
  • We address cancer prevention and control measures across the globe, including in low and middle-income countries, where cancer is increasing at unsustainable rates.
  • We identify ways to improve health care policy and delivery, creating more effective health systems both in the US and abroad.
  • We study food insecurity and sustainability to help fight hunger and promote nutrition.
  • We investigate health disparities and work toward health equity in the US and throughout the world.