How to Request Classrooms & AV Equipment

Please note that Classroom Services only schedules rooms and equipment within the School of Public Health buildings. To schedule rooms on central campus, please contact the Registrar's Office at 763-2113 or

Requests for room or equipment reservations may be made

  • By submitting an online request formAuthentication required
  • By sending e-mail to, with the following information:
    • Name, e-mail address and phone number of contact person
    • Event day and date (or, if a recurring event, day[s] of the week)
    • Event starting and ending times
    • Event/Organization/Personal Name under which reservation will be held (if for a course, please provide course number and instructor’s name)
    • If requesting a room, please indicate the following:
      • Seating capacity needed
      • Preferred room(s), if any
      • Additional requirements (e.g., furniture arrangement, availability of projection equipment, availability of network connection, proximity to other facilities)

Room Reservation Policy

Class use supersedes all other uses; when there is a conflict between a registered class and another use of a room, the former will be given precedence. 

Requests must be submitted at least 8 business hours in advance of the desired date and time. That means that your desired date/time can be no earlier than 3 p.m. today. 4 p.m. today. #thisHour# a.m. tomorrow. #thisHour# noon tomorrow. 1 p.m. tomorrow. 2 p.m. tomorrow. 3 p.m. tomorrow. 4 p.m. tomorrow.

Rooms not reserved can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis: if there is no reservation posted on the sheet at the door, you may simply use the room for your meeting, making sure that you leave it before the next scheduled event.

Because the second floor SPH I conference rooms have access to the office suite beyond, HIPAA requires that these rooms be locked each afternoon when the staff leave. Consequently, we cannot schedule any events in these rooms which would extend past 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, or on weekends. This includes 2617, 2635, 2645, and 2665.

To request a room reservation, please fill in the form fields below and click Submit. Required fields denoted with an asterisk(*).

Please submit all requests at least one business day (preferably two or more) in advance of the use date. Classroom Services staff will attempt to accommodate all requests (even those received the day of the event), but can offer no assurances that last-minute requests can be honored.

Use of the Community Lounge

You are free to arrange the furniture in the Community Lounge to suit your purposes (within the constraints set by the fire marshal), with the understanding that you will restore the room to its designed arrangement before leaving.

If food and/or drink are planned for your event, at the conclusion, any trash, especially food waste, must be removed from the Community room (1680) and if used, adjoining kitchen. No trash is to be left in these room(s). Further, all room users must dispose of their trash by transferring it to the large gray receptacles located inside SPH II, ground floor, SE corner, near the building dock overhead door. Any trash receptacles removed from the Community room (1680) or adjoining kitchen must be returned to the same room(s).

Use of Building After Hours

Please note that the Dean's Office has instituted a requirement that groups meeting after 4:30 or on weekends and/or where food is involved contract with Building Services to have a custodian on duty to clean up and to secure the room and building. It is understood that there is a charge of $27/hour and that the union contract requires a minimum four-hour commitment.

Building Access

Exterior doors to SPH I and SPH II are open only during normal business hours (7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday). Access at all other times is controlled through use of a restricted keycard system. After hours entry via the key card system is limited to authorized members of the SPH community.

Events held outside of normal business hours require special arrangements for building access. Please contact Debbie Struhar in SPH Facilities ( to discuss your options.