Faculty Profile

Kathleen  Ford, PhD

Kathleen Ford, PhD

  • Research Scientist Emeritus, Epidemiology
  • Research Affiliate Emeritus, Population Studies Center
  • Faculty Associate Emeritus, Southeast Asian Studies center
  • M5166 SPH II
  • 1415 Washington Heights
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

In the last few years, Dr. Ford's research has focused on several areas.  First, she has conducted research on social and behavioral aspects of the AIDS epidemic in Thailand.   A second area is the association of cognitive and physical functioning at midlife.   A third area is migration in Southeast Asia and its associaiton with health and household welfare. 

  • B.A., Mathematics, Boston College, 1971
  • PhD, Sociology/Population Studies, Brown University, 1975

  • Dr. Ford's current research includes several areas. Her research includes social and behavioral aspects of the AIDS epidemic with a recent focus on Thailand. Here she is studying the AIDS risk behaviors of migrant workers. A second area is migration, health and household welfare in Thailand.  A third area is the welfare of the Muslim minority population in Thailand in Bangkok and the southern provinces.

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  • Population Association of America
  • International Union for the Scientific Study of Population