Faculty Profile

Kyle L. Grazier, DrPH

Kyle L. Grazier, DrPH

  • Richard Carl Jelinek Professor of Health Services Management and Policy, Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health
  • Professor, Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine
  • 1420 Washington Heights
  • M3507 SPH II
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Kyle L. Grazier is the Richard Carl Jelinek Professor of Health Systems Management and Policy in the School of Public Health and Professor of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan. In 2017-18, she is a Fulbright Scholar conducting research on behavioral health integration in Eastern Europe.

She is past chair of the department of Health Management and Policy in SPH. She served as director of evaluation for the Michigan clinical and translational research center (MICHR) and as a member of the initial leadership team for IHPI. Dr. Grazier chaired two University multidisciplinary committees on redesigning and sustaining health benefits. She is faculty and advisor to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center and served on its inaugural leadership board.

She serves on the Board of Trustees of the Health Research and Education Trust (HRET) and is a member of the NCQA Utilization Management Advisory Panel.  As a Director of the Indiana University Health System (IUHealth), she chairs the patient safety and quality committees of the academic health center and the system. She was a member of the Leadership Advisory Board for Ascension Health, a former director and treasurer of AUPHA, and former director of the Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). She received the ACHE Distinguished Faculty award and was the editor of the ACHE Journal of Healthcare Management from 2000 to 2010.

She has been a standing and ad hoc member of review committees for the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, the NIMH, NIAAA, AHRQ, RWJF and the Nuffield Trust.  Foundations and the NIH have supported her research on financing mental health, payment system models, and behavioral health integration with primary care and social services; physician profiling; and mental health parity.  At Michigan, she teaches graduate courses on insurance, payment systems, and health services advances. 

Prior to joining the University of Michigan, she was the J. Thomas Clark Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Director of the Sloan Graduate Program in Health Services Administration at Cornell University. She also held the King Sweesy and Robert Womack Chair in Medical Science and Public Health at the University of California at Berkeley, and was on the faculty at Yale University School of Medicine. She holds a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master’s in Public Health and a doctorate in Administrative Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation named her one of five post-doctoral Finance Fellows at the Johns Hopkins University.

  • HMP631: Risk and Insurance
  • HMP641: Behavioral Health Services Research and Policy
  • HMP609 Advanced Healthcare Financial Management

  • Dr.P.H., University of California Berkeley,
  • MPH, University of California Berkeley,
  • M.S., Engineering, University of Notre Dame,
  • B.S., Nursing and Biology, Valparaiso University,
  • RWJF Post-Doctoral Fellowship- Healthcare Finance, Johns Hopkins University

One major area of Dr. Grazier's research is health care finance, with special emphasis on the effect of insurance, managed care, ACO, and primary care models on mental health and substance abuse services, costs, and quality of care.

Selected Sponsored Research:

State of Michigan Department of Community Health and Department of Financial and Insurance Services
Evaluation of the Effects of Health Michigan Plan (Medicaid Expansion) on Uncompensated Care and Health Insurance Premiums (Grazier- Principal Investigator)

National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health
Emergency Department Screening for Teens at Risk for Suicide (ED-STARS) (King, PI); Grazier, Co-Investigator

Health Resources and Services Administration
Health Workforce Research Center (HWRC) Program (Beck, PI); Grazier, Co-Investigator and Deputy Director.

Agency for Health Care Quality and Research
Impact of CMS Hospital-Acquired Conditions on Vulnerable Patients and Hospitals; (McMahon, PI); Grazier, Co- Investigator

National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) (formerly National Center for Research Resources) (NIH)
Evaluation Key Function of the CTSA: Michigan Center for Clinical and Health Research; Evaluation (Pienta, Shanley, PI) Grazier- Director of Evaluation

Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation
System Changes, Outcomes, and Incentives Related to the Integration of Depression in Primary Care Settings: A Meta-Analysis and Site Evaluation; Grazier- Principal Investigator, 07/2010 – 05/2013

Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation
Impact of Expansion of Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Benefits on Quality, Patterns, and Costs of Care; Grazier- Principal Investigator

Society of Actuaries
Health Services Utilization under Conditions of Increasing Employee Cost Sharing and Behavioral Health Benefit Changes, Grazier- Principal Investigator

National Institute on Drug Abuse/ Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment: Evaluation of the Accelerating Reform Initiative; Grazier- Co- Investigator

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Integrated Health, Human, Social and Financial Services for Vulnerable Families. Grazier- Principal Investigator

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Health Plan and Tier Switching: A Natural Experiment. Grazier- Principal Investigator,

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation
Retiree Health Benefits: The Role of Premiums and PPOs. Grazier- Principal Investigator

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. “Secondary Screening” for Comorbid Mental Health Problems in Depressed Primary Care Patients. Grazier-Co-investigator

Michigan Department of Community Health. Integrated Care for Medicaid Consumers with Behavioral Health Care Needs, Grazier-Co-investigator

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Integrated Depression Management in Primary Care, Grazier- Co-Principal Investigator

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Measurement of the Impact of a Benefit Change Authorizing Nonpsychiatric Physicians to Bill for Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders; Grazier- Co-Investigator

Society of Actuaries. Group Medical Insurance Claims Database Collection and Analysis, Grazier- Principal Investigator

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Alcoholics’ Long Term Use of Health Services. (RO1 AA10333, PI: Bucholz) Grazier- Co- Principal Investigator

University of Michigan Provost Office and Michigan Department of Community Health. Addressing Managed Behavioral Healthcare Policy: Evaluation of the Washtenaw County Integrated Health Care Project: The Development of Indicators for Integrated Health Care. PI: Mowbry; Grazier- Co- Principal Investigator

National Institute of Mental Health. Managed Care: Impact of Mental Health “Carve-Outs." (RO1 MH54135) Principal Investigator

Grazier, K.L. The Economic Impact of Depression in the Workplace, in Mental Health in the Workplace-Strategies and Tools to Optimize Outcomes. Eds. Michelle B. Riba, Sagar V. Parikh, John F. Greden. Series Title: Integrating Psychiatry and Primary Care. Springer. In Press.

Grazier, K.L. Using Evidence in Decision-Making in Integrating Chronic Care Management, Eds. Kovner, A. and D’Aunno, T. Evidence-Based Management in Healthcare, Chicago: Health Administration Press, 2017

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Stensland, M., Watson, P.R., Grazier, K.L. An Examination of Costs, Charges, and Payments for Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment in Community Hospitals. Psychiatric Services, Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, 2012 Jul; 63(7):666-71.

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  • Academy for Health Services Research
  • American Public Health Association
  • Association of University Programs in Health Administration
  • American College of Healthcare Executives

Editor, Journal of Healthcare Management 2000-2010

Leadership Advisory Board, Ascension Health 2012-

Member, NIMH Services Review Committee  2007-2011

NCQA Technical Advisory Board 2006-present

Chair, University Committee on Health Benefit Redesign

Chair, University Committee on Sustainable Health Benefits 

Co-Chair MHealthy University Advisory Committee 

Member, Provost Faculty Budget Committee 

Member, Long-term Disability Plan Review Committe

Member, MHealthy Committee on Keeping the At-Risk and Well Healthy