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Scott L. Greer, PhD

Scott L. Greer, PhD

  • Professor,
    Health Management and Policy

  • Professor, 
    Global Public Health

  • Professor, 
    Political Science
  • M3158 SPH II
  • 1415 Washington Heights
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Scott L. Greer, Ph.D, a political scientist, is Professor of Health Management and Policy, Global Public Health, and Political Science (by courtesy) at the University of Michigan and is also Senior Expert Advisor on Health Governance for the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

He researches the politics of health policies, with a special focus on the politics and policies of the European Union the politics of public health, and the impact of federalism on health care. Before coming to Michigan, he taught at University College London. He has published over a hundred book chapters and articles in journals including the Lancet, British Medical Journal, Milbank Quarterly, American Journal of Public Health, Social Science and Medicine, Journal of European Public Policy, Journal of European Social Policy, and Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. His most recent books include Everything you always wanted to know about European Union health policies but were afraid to ask (2014, second edition 2019, third edition forthcoming), Strengthening health system governance: better policies, stronger performance (2015), Federalism and Decentralization in European Health and Social Care (2013),  European Union Public Health Policies (2013), Civil Society and Health (2017), Federalism and Social Policy (2019),  The European Union after Brexit (2020), The Populist Radical Right and Health (2021) and Coronavirus Politics (2021).

  • PH384: Making change in public health
  • HMP615
  • HMP625

  • PhD, Political Science, Northwestern University, 2003
  • B.A., Political Science, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 1996

  • Public health politics; the politics of health care policy; Western Europe; government responses to public health crises.

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