Faculty Profile

Richard A. Hirth, PhD

Richard A. Hirth, PhD

  • S. J. Axelrod Collegiate Professor, Department of Health Management and Policy
  • Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
  • Associate Director, Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center
  • Research Director, Center for Value-Based Insurance Design
  • 1415 Washington Heights
  • M3202 SPH II
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Dr. Richard Hirth is the S. J. Axelrod Collegiate Professor of Health Management and Policy. He received his Bachelor's degree in Economics from Carleton College, and PhD in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Hirth has received several awards, including the AcademyHealth Health Services Research Impact Award (2014), the Kenneth J. Arrow Award in Health Economics, awarded annually by the American Public Health Association and the International Health Economics Association to the best paper in health economics (1993); The University of Michigan School of Public Health Excellence in Research Award (2014); the Excellence in Research Award in Health Policy from the Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation (1998 and 2009); and the Thompson Prize for Young Investigtors from the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (1999); Listing in Top 20 Most Read Articles of 2009, Health Affairs (2010); Outstanding abstract (consumer decision-making theme), AcademyHealth Annual Meeting (2007); and Outstanding abstract (long-term care theme), Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy Annual Meeting (2001).

  • PhD, Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1993
  • M.A., Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 1988
  • B.A. (Summa Cum Laude), Economics, Carleton College, 1987

  • Dr. Hirth's research interests include the role of not-for-profit providers in health care markets, health insurance, the relationship between managed care and the adoption and utilization of medical technologies, long-term care, and the economics of end stage renal disease care.

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  • International Health Economics Association
  • American Economic Association
  • AcademyHealth