Faculty Profile

Jian Kang

Jian Kang, PhD, MS

  • Professor, Biostatistics
Dr. Kang's primary research interests are in developing statistical methods for large-scale complex biomedical data with application in precision medicine, imaging, epidemiology and genetics.

  • PhD, University of Michigan, 2011
  • MS, Tsinghua University, 2007
  • BS, Beijing Normal University, 2005

Research Interests:
Imaging data analysis, Bayesian methods, efficient statistical computation algorithms, ultrahigh-dimensional feature selection, latent source separation methods, graphical models, network inference, composite likelihood approach and missing data problems.

Research Projects:
  • New statistical learning methods for brain-computer interfaces
  • Scalable Bayesian methods for big imaging data analysis
  • Statistical ICA Methods for Analysis and Integration of Multi-dimensional Data
  • Bayesian network biomarker selection in metabolomics data

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M4055 SPH II
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Email: jiankang@umich.edu
Office: 734-763-1607

For media inquiries: sph.media@umich.edu