Faculty Profile

Khalil Mancy

Khalil H. Mancy, PhD

  • Emeritus Professor, Environmental Health Sciences

    Teaching interests include basic environmental health and environmental chemistry. Early research studies covered the development of membrane and bio-film electrodes, including their applications as sensors of toxic chemicals and pathogens. Later research addressed the environmental and health impacts of surface and ground waters, marine ecosystems, and waste water reuse development projects.

    • PhD, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1963
    • MS, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1959
    • BS, Chemistry, Cairo University, Egypt, 1952

    Sherief, M.M., Easa, M. El-S. and Mancy, K.H. (1996). A demonstration waste water treatment for reuse applications in fish production and irrigation in Sues, Egypt. Water Science and Technology 137-144.

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    Goldblum, D., Holdonick, S.E. and Mancy, K.H. (1990). Oxygen membrane electrodes used as toxicity biosensors. Environmental Progress 24-29.

    Baker-Blocker, A., Donahue, T.M. and Mancy, K.H. (1977). Methane fluxes from wetland areas. Tellus 245-250.

    Herbes, S>E., Allen, H.E. and Mancy, K.H. (1975). Enzymatic characterization of soluble organic phosphorous in lake water. Science 432-434.

    McClelland, N.I. and Mancy, K.H. (1972). Water quality monitoring in distribution systems. American Water Works Association 795-807.

    Schmid, M. and Mancy, K.H. (1969). Die electrochemische bestmmung des wasser gelosten sauerstoffs in anwesenheit von schwefelwasserstoff. Chimia 398-399.

    Mancy, K.H., Okun, D.A. and Reilley, C.N. (1962). The galvanic cell oxygen analyzer. Electroanalytical Chemistry 65-92.

    Email: khmancy38@gmail.com 

    P.O. Box 624
    Dana, NC 28724