Faculty Profile

Arnold Monto

Arnold S. Monto, MD

  • Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology
  • Professor Emeritus, Global Public Health
  • Thomas Francis, Jr. Collegiate Professor Emeritus of Public Health
  • Co-Director, Michigan Center for Respiratory Virus Research and Response

Celebrating 56 years at the university, Professor Monto’s research focused on occurrence, prevention, and control of respiratory infections. He developed the Tecumseh Study of Respiratory Illness (1965), and during the 1968 Hong Kong influenza pandemic, found that vaccinating school children reduced infection in the entire community, an early demonstration of herd immunity. He evaluated strategies to control influenza including vaccines, antivirals, and non-pharmaceutical interventions such as face masks. He designed and conducted studies to evaluate neuraminidase inhibitors now used for influenza. An international expert on pandemic planning and emergency response to respiratory virus outbreaks including Hong Kong influenza, avian influenza, and SARS, he was selected to chair (2020- ) the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee on COVID-19, to review safety and efficacy and to advise on authorization and licensure of COVID-19 vaccines. He is the author of more than 350 research papers.

  • MD, Cornell University, 1958
  • BA, Cornell University, 1954

Research Interests:
Prevention and treatment of influenza; Epidemiology of respiratory infection; Infectious disease epidemiology.

Research Projects:
Hand hygiene and mask use interventions for reducing influenza transmission in the community setting (The M-FLU Study)