Faculty Profile

Sara Stein

Sara Stein, PhD

  • Research Assistant Professor, Health Behavior Health Education

As a clinical scientist, I examine the transmission of the effects of trauma from mother to child prenatally,  postnatally, and when women are parenting young children. My goal is to reduce these effects in families by  improving interventions for trauma-exposed women as they become parents. Ultimately, I seek to create
treatments that target intergenerational transmission and that are responsive to community needs. I center my
work in understanding how mothers are shaped by the social structures in which they are embedded. My research
is grounded in my clinical experience with structurally disadvantaged women with complex trauma histories. My
clinical work as a fully licensed clinical social worker integrates evidence-based approaches and translates research
into trauma-informed public scholarship and clinical tools for adults, children, and clinicians.


Address: 3807 SPH I
1415 Washington Hts
Ann Arbor, MI  48109

Areas of Expertise: Maternal Health,  Women’s Health