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Tiffany Veinot

Tiffany C.E. Veinot, MLS, PhD

  • Associate Professor, School of Information
  • Associate Professor, Health Behavior and Health Education

Tiffany C.E. Veinot, MLS, PhD is Assistant Professor in the School of Information, with a cross-appointment at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, Dept. of Health Behavior and Health Education.

Dr. Veinot's research focuses understanding health information exchange within communities; illuminating collaborative health information behaviour in everyday life; investigating health information service models for marginalized populations; and conducting socio-cultural studies of health information technologies, policy and practice.

Dr. Veinot's current research projects focus on understanding and enhancing information and support exchange among patients with kidney disease, patient-provider information exchange in diabetes care, and use of social networking-based Internet technologies for HIV and STI prevention with marginalized youth.

  • PhD, Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario, 2008
  • MLS, Library Sciences, University of Toronto, 1994
  • BA, Women's Studies, University of Toronto, 1992

  • community health informatics
  • health information service models
  • social networks and social capital
  • rural health
  • youth
  • collaborative health information behavior

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Flicker, S.E., Skinner, H.A., Read, S.E., Veinot, T.C., McClelland, A., Saulnier, P., Goldberg, E. (2005). Falling Through the Cracks: Who is meeting the needs of HIV positive youth? Canadian Journal of Public Health 308-403.

Flicker, S.E., Goldberg, E., Read, S.E., Veinot, T.C., McClelland, A., Saulnier, P., Skinner, H.A. (). HIV-Positive Youth's Perspectives on the Internet and e-Health Journal of Medical Internet Research e32.

Email: tveinot@umich.edu 
Phone: 734-615-8281

School of Information
4429 North Quad
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1285