2016 Photo Gallery

  • Welcome with Dean Philbert

    Welcome with Dean Philbert

  • Closing Ceremony

    Closing Ceremony

  • Community Surveys

    Community Surveys

  • On the Diag

    On the Diag

  • Food Gatherers

    Food Gatherers

  • Group Photo

    Group Photo

  • Grand Valley State University Trip

    Grand Valley State University Trip

  • Group Photo

    Group Photo

  • Hill Auditorium

    Hill Auditorium

  • Juneteenth Parade Flint

    Juneteenth Parade Flint

  • Law Library

    Law Library

  • Michigan Theater

    Michigan Theater

  • Poster Sessions

    Poster Sessions

  • Stockwell Housing

    Stockwell Housing

  • 5k Kidney Walk

    5k Kidney Walk

  • Cube Photo

    Cube Photo

  • Diag Photo

    Diag Photo

  • Volunteering at Focus Hope

    Volunteering at Focus Hope