Certificate in Injury Science

The University of Michigan School of Public Health (UM SPH) and Injury Center are collaborating on the Certificate in Injury Science (CIS). CIS aims to provide its graduates with an understanding of urgent injury issues with research, education, outreach, practice, and prevention. While many injury topics may be covered, there is a particular focus on: transportation safety, violence interventions, prescription drug misuse, substance abuse, suicide, and Concussion--with a special expertise in the population of teens and young adults (although not exclusively).

CIS is earned in a 12 to 13-credit sequence of courses that are typically finished after four terms (two years). A field placement/practicum is also required for the Injury Science Certificate. This may be fulfilled by your departmental internship requirement, through an Injury Science Independent Study (3 credits that do not count toward the 12-13 required), or through another relevant experience (e.g., work on an injury-related research project). The practicum must be in an area of injury science (for example, violence prevention, prescription drug overdose, motor vehicle safety, traumatic brain injury) and be a minimum of 318 hours. The practicum needs pre-approval. Please e-mail UMInjuryCenter@umich.edu to inquire. Please put 'Injury Certificate' in the subject line.

If you are interested in pursuing the certificate in Injury Science, please determine your eligibility and review the certification process.

Additional information can be found at the UM Injury Center web page.