Pay and Perks

SEP-HEALTHSpark offers generous support to students attending the program. Participants in SEP-HEALTHSpark are hosted in residence halls at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor for the duration of the program. SEP-HEALTHSpark offers funding for students’ round-trip travel costs from their home or school to Ann Arbor and provides transportation to field placements and other work sites. Participants will also receive funds to help cover the cost of on-campus food, as well as a $3,750 stipend distributed in increments throughout the program. 

SEP-HEALTHSpark includes a variety of experiences, including the following: 

  • Field Experience: 
    Placement at a health system, community health or public health organization, or governmental health organization for three (3) days each week of hand-on experience 
  • Mentorship
    Engaged mentorship from preceptors and other leaders and practitioners in the fields of health management and policy
  • Workshops and Seminars
    Weekly themed sessions with Michigan faculty, staff, alumni, and other public health professionals to complement field experiences and enhance professional development
  • Case Team and Presentation
    Collaboration engaging an in-depth case analysis of a current health challenge
  • Community Learning
    Learn about population health and communities in Southeast Michigan