Amy Schulz

amy schulzProfessor, Health Behavior & Health Education
Associate Director, Center for Research on Ethnicity, Culture and Health (CRECH)

Training: MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education, PhD in Sociology

Research Focus: My research focuses on social and economic factors driving racial, ethnic and socioeconomic inequities in heath, with a particular focus on urban environments.  My research is conducted in partnership with community organizations and leaders, using an equitable approach that collaboratively engages research questions of mutual interests, toward the end of understanding and addressing factors contributing to health inequities. In addition to contributions to the literature based on my etiologic research on the joint social and physical environmental exposures, my research also focuses on the collaborative development and implementation and evaluation of interventions designed to address health inequities grounded in those processes. Finally, my expertise in working collaboratively with community partners to address research questions of mutual interest has resulted in substantial contributions to the literature on the implementation and evaluation of participatory research and interventions.