Academic Attire

Graduates participating in any University of Michigan graduation ceremonies must wear official U-M academic attire. There are 3 ways to obtain academic attire:

1. Purchase your attire from Oak Hall to be delivered to the School of Public Health or to your home.

Click here to order attire

March 14, 2023 is the deadline to order for free shipping to the School of Public Health. Gowns will be available for pick up the week of April 17. You will be contacted directly by Public Health staff with more details.

April 3, 2023 is the deadline to order to ship directly to your home. You must pay the shipping fee of $15.95.

2. Order from Barnes and Noble at the Pierpont Commons University of Michigan Bookstore

All attire is available year-round in store at both Barnes and Noble Michigan Union and Pierpont Commons campus bookstores. Store hours are 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Thursday, 9am-4pm on Friday. Any questions email: (Union location) (Pierpont location)

3. Utilize the SPH ​Cap and Gown ​Re-use ​Program 

The Public Health Sustainability Initiative (PHSI) runs a cap and gown re-use program so that SPH students can rent a graduation cap, gown, and hood!

Complete this Google Form to sign up to participate. Completing the Google Form is not a guarantee that you will receive a cap and gown. PHSI will update graduates about availability and pick-up/return details.

Rentals costs are:
Graduation Gowns: Rental fee= $40.00, Deposit = $30.00
Graduation Caps: Rental fee= $10.00, Deposit = $5.00
Graduation Hoods: Rental fee = $30.00, Deposit = $20.00
Gown + Cap + Hood: Rental fee = $80.00, Deposit = $55.00

This is a rental program, therefore if there is any part of the graduation attire that you would like to keep and/or decorate please purchase those items separately from this program. Upon return of the rented items you will be given back the deposit portion of the rental fee. Failure to return items rented in the condition in which they were rented forfeits the deposit.

Important notes: 

  • There are limited rentals and sizes available, so contact PHSI early! It's first-come, first-served.
  • Cash or Venmo (@umphsi) only please.
  • Students will need to buy their own tassels.
  • PHSI also accepts donations of caps and gowns from graduated students.
  • For questions, please contact Ariel Lindholm (

Graduates should have their gown steamed/ironed prior to graduation day. At the very least, it is suggested that graduates remove the gown from the package to allow the wrinkles to settle.  

Hood Colors:

To ensure that you purchase the correct hood, please note your hood color:

   MHI    Health Informatics     Silver Grey 
   MHSA    Public Health    Salmon
   MPH    Public Health    Salmon
   MS    Science    Gold
   PhD    All    Royal Blue

Faculty members: Instructions for ordering academic attire can be found on the Faculty Information page. Please note the Friday, March 24 deadline for obtaining if you do not have your own attire.