Public Health Needs Victors 

Since 1941, the U-M School of Public Health has been a place of purpose and action. A place of life-saving discoveries and breakthrough thinking. A place where conventional ideas are challenged, boundaries are expanded, limits are superseded, and an entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged. In other words, a place where the future of public health is continually taking shape.

Scholarship Reception

Dean Philbert, Dean's Advisory Board Chair Marianne Udow-Phillips, and SPH students at the Scholarship Reception - April 2016

Today, through the bold and collaborative research of our faculty, the outreach programs that send our students across the globe, and the extraordinary accomplishments of our alumni, U-M SPH continues to be a worldwide leader in public health. We are tackling some of the world's most urgent, complex and intractable public health problems, and we confront these challenges confident that our expertise is strong and our ability to make an impact is great. But we cannot do this alone. Please support our commitment to: