The Dean's Fund is intended to support special events and activities that promote collaboration, networking, and scholarship across all departments and individuals within the SPH. Student organizations can request up to $250 per semester per organization from the Dean's Fund to support events that will benefit the whole SPH community. Student organizations wishing to request monetary assistance from the Dean's Fund for Student Organizations must complete and submit the Dean's Fund Request Form, along with an itemized budget and list of other funding sources (as mentioned in the form), at least one week prior to the event date. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the Friday prior to the last full week of classes for the semester. PHSA will work to process all requests in a timely manner, however please anticipate at least 2 weeks of processing time.

Criteria for the Dean's Fund

The specific criteria that must be met before a Dean's Fund request can be approved are outlined below:

  • Open to all. The event or activity shall be open and advertised to all students, faculty, and administration within the school. The event shall allow the participation of at least 50 attendees. Enrollment for any event shall open to all students and faculty of SPH simultaneously. No pre-enrollment by members of a student organization is permitted.
  • Promote Mission. The event or activity should promote the mission of the organization, and more broadly, the mission of the school itself:

"The University of Michigan School of Public Health seeks to create and disseminate knowledge with the aim of preventing disease and promoting the health of populations worldwide. We are especially concerned with health equity and thus have a special focus on disadvantaged populations who suffer disproportionately from illness and disability. We serve as a diverse and inclusive crossroads of knowledge and practice, with the goal of solving current and future public health problems."

  • Outside of Normal Operations. The event or activity should not be a part of normal operations and regular meetings of a student organization.
  • Multiple Funding Sources. Student organizations are encouraged and expected to seek out multiple funding sources, including individual fundraising. However, in the instance where an individual such as a speaker has donated his or her time to participate in the event, this donation of time shall be considered as an alternate funding source. The event or activity should not rely entirely on the Dean's Fund for support, aside from exceptional circumstances. The student organization will be expected to submit all other sources and amounts of funding when applying. In the instance an organization is partnering with PHSA for an event, the organization would be responsible for submitting the Dean's Fund request.

If you have questions about applying to the Dean's Fund or if you are unsure if your event is consistent with the above guidelines, please contact the current treasurer, Anju Madan.