Election Process

PHSA Senate elections are held twice per academic year, once in the Fall semester (by September 30th) and once in the Winter semester (by March 31st). The PHSA Senate will administer elections, disseminating information regarding candidacy for the Senate and distributing an electronic ballot. Any student in good academic standing and enrolled full-time in the SPH may run for a position on the PHSA Senate.

The entire student body appoints the Executive Board, which includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The full student body also elects the Committee Chairs, comprised of the Service and Social Chairs, as well as the APHA Representative, Diversity Chair, and International Representative. Departmental representatives are elected by students from the specific department. Similarly, the Doctoral Representative is elected by doctoral students and First-Year Representative is elected by first-year students.

Any eligible student within the SPH can nominate individuals from any department for any Senate position. However, departmental representative nominees must be students from within their respective departments, Doctoral Program Representative nominees must be in a doctoral program, and First-Year Representative nominees must be incoming students.

Open Positions

All positions are now filled! Check back in March 2018 for Winter elections!