Election Process

PHSA Senate elections are held twice per academic year, once in the Fall semester (by September 30th) and once in the Winter semester (by March 31st). The PHSA Senate will administer elections, disseminating information regarding candidacy for the Senate and distributing an electronic ballot. Any student in good academic standing and enrolled full-time in the SPH may run for a position on the PHSA Senate.

The entire student body appoints the Executive Board, which includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The full student body also elects the Committee Chairs, comprised of the Service and Social Chairs, as well as the APHA Representative, Diversity Chair, and International Representative. Departmental representatives are elected by students from the specific department. Similarly, the Doctoral Representative is elected by doctoral students and First-Year Representative is elected by first-year students.

Any eligible student within the SPH can nominate individuals from any department for any Senate position. However, departmental representative nominees must be students from within their respective departments, Doctoral Program Representative nominees must be in a doctoral program, and First-Year Representative nominees must be incoming students.

Open Positions

 Position Description
Secretary The Secretary shall maintain all records of PHSA and be responsible for the appropriate documentation of meetings. He or she is responsible for calendaring events and organizing meetings, as well as working with the Executive Board to set board meeting agendas. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the PHSA website. This person is also responsible for creating any special communications materials such as table tents and flyers to promote PHSA-sponsored events.
Diversity Chair The Diversity Chair will be a voting member and a voice for minority students at the SPH. They will serve as a liaison between minority students and the student government and be responsible for promoting and executing events focused on promoting diversity and addressing the needs of minority students in the SPH. The representative will also support the activities of the PHSA Senate by serving on pertinent committees within SPH, coordinating with existing student organizations that serve minority students, and partnering with the Office of Student Engagement and Practice on events intended to foster diversity. Each fall, the PHSA Diversity Chair will meet with the SPH DEI staff leadership to discuss strategic goals for the upcoming year.
International Student Rep The International Representative will be a voting member and the voice of the international community at the SPH. The role includes but is not limited to: serving as a liaison between international students and the student government; promoting and executing events pertaining to greater cultural awareness, diversity issues, professional development, career guidance, counseling; and supporting international students towards reaching academic, personal and professional goals. The representative will also support the PHSA Senate and can serve on other committees to promote activities specifically endorsed by the PHSA. S/he will also be expected to coordinate with existing international student organizations to ensure that PHSA is meeting the needs of the international student population at SPH.
Professional Development Chair The Professional Development Chair will be a voting member. They will disseminate knowledge about events pertaining to professional development within the School and within the wider University. They will coordinate SPH events or activities related to professional development opportunities, and serve as a liaison between the administration who works with alumni and the current student body. Each fall, the Professional Development Chair will meet with Career Services and the Development Office to discuss strategic goals for the upcoming year. If the Professional Development Chair is interested, they may also serve as the APHA Representative and attend the yearly APHA conference-- connecting SPH with the wider Public Health community (budget permitting).
First-Year Rep The First-Year Representative will be a voting member and a liaison between the first-year students and PHSA, as well as advocate for the needs of the first-year class. The First-Year Representative will have a large role in planning and coordinating fundraising opportunities for PHSA. The funds raised through these events shall go towards school-wide events for the purpose of creating a better experience or environment for SPH students.
Department Reps (Informatics Chair, PhD Chair, Nutritional Science Chair, Online MPH Chair) All members are voting members and responsible for being an intermediate between students from their departments or student subset they represent and the PHSA Senate. They are responsible for voicing relevant concerns or ideas from their department or student subset to the PHSA Senate, and are also required to disseminate relevant information from the PHSA Senate to their department or student subset. All members of the Departmental Board, along with the rest of the PHSA Senate, are expected to support and assist other PHSA Senate members in the coordination of PHSA events.