Senate Members 2017-2018

Members of the PHSA Senate for the 2017-2018 academic year are listed below. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for PHSA, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Senate. We look forward to hearing from you!

Taylor Sullivan-PresidentPresident
Taylor Sullivan (

Taylor is a 2nd year student pursuing her MPH in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology and is the President of PHSA. She received her B.S. in Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. Taylor's research interests lie in the social and environmental determinants of health and the relationship between infectious and chronic diseases. Last summer, Taylor completed an internship researching breast cancer in Tanzania. Outside of school, Taylor enjoys playing with her two kittens and spending time outdoors.

Matt Fiorillo-Vice President Vice President
Matt Fiorillo (

Matt is a 2nd year MPH student in the Health Behavior Health Education department. He is also pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and, last year, served as a community service chair for the HBHE Student Association (HBHESA). Matt received his BA from the University of Virginia, majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology. He returns to school having begun his career in the Healthcare IT field. Matt completed his summer 2017 internship with the Boston Public Health Commission, working on a state-funded community-based partnership program to address health disparities in conditions like elder falls. In addition to HIT and informatics, Matt's academic and research interests include behavioral health, elder health, process improvement, and community interventions. When he's not studying, Matt is likely outside - running, biking, playing ultimate frisbee, or skiing. He also loves cooking, folk and bluegrass music, and crosswords.

Evelina Kutyma (

Evelina is a 2nd year student pursuing her MPH in Epidemiology and is the Secretary of PHSA. She received her B.S. in Neuroscience from the Central Michigan University. Evelina's research interests lie global health and infectious disease as well as health policy. Last summer, Evelina completed an internship researching HPV and cervical cancer in Thailand. Outside of school, Evelina enjoys reading and spending time with friends.

Anju Madan - Treasurer Treasurer
Anju Madan (

Anju Madan is a 2nd year student pursuing her MPH in Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Dietetics and currently serves as the Treasurer for PHSA. She received her B.A. in Economics with a minor in Business Administration from Boston University. Anju previously worked in automotive finance at Ford Motor Company before shifting careers to pursue her passion for nutrition. She completed her summer internship at the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington D.C. working on projects aimed at legislation to remove food additives such as synthetic colors from food products targeted at children. Outside of school, Anju enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, doing yoga and pretty much anything outdoors!

Brett Slajus - Service ChairService Chair
Brett Slajus (

Brett is a 2nd year student pursuing his MPH in Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology. He is also pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Infection Prevention & Control. He received his B.S. in Cellular & Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan. Brett's research interests are in infectious disease prevention, control, and surveillance. He completed his summer internship at the Geriatrics Center at the University of Michigan working on interventions aimed at reducing multiple drug resistant organisms (MDROs) colonization in patients and healthcare workers. When not in class, Brett enjoys running, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Janani Muthaiya - Social ChairSocial Chair
Janani Muthaiya (

Janani is a 2nd year MPH student in the department of Health Behavior Health Education and is the Social Chair of PHSA. She grew up in Southern California, and received her B.S. in Cell Developmental Biology from UCLA. Her interests lie in social determinants of health and how this can impact changes in health behavior, particularly in a community setting. She completed her summer internship at the Center for Managing Chronic Diseases within SPH, assisting in creating informational material about eosinophil-associated disorders. She also loves watching the Great British Bake Off, dancing, and hanging out with friends.

Ozioma O. Osuagwu - International RepresentativeInternational Representative
Ozioma O. Osuagwu (

Ozioma is a 2nd year Health Management and Policy student. She received her medical degree from the University of Ghana Medical School. Her career focus is improving life expectancy and reducing health disparities in Africa through sound policy consulting. Thematic areas of interest include, Non communicable Diseases, Social determinants of health, Maternal and Child health. She is completed a summer internship at Office of Global Affairs, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Besides work, Ozioma loves prayer, spending time with family, watching 'The Apprentice UK' and experimental cooking.

Joel Begay - APHA RepresentativeAPHA Representative
Joel Begay (

Joel Begay is a 2nd year student pursuing an MPH in Hospital & Molecular Epidemiology with a Certificate in Healthcare Infection & Prevention (CHIP). Joel is the American Public Health Association (APHA) Representative for PHSA and is a member of the Navajo Nation, originally from Shiprock, NM. Joel's research interests lie in the intersection between public health and medicine, particularly interested in chronic disease. He received his B.S. in Biochemistry from Colorado College and is currently a Research Assistant in Michigan Medicine's Department of Neurology investigating a treatment for Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Aside from his graduate studies and research, Joel enjoys traveling and is a beer enthusiast, tasting the numerous microbrews Michigan has to offer.

Srishti Agrawal - Diversity ChairDiversity Chair
Srishti Agrawal (

Srishti Agrawal is a 2nd year student pursuing a degree in Health Informatics through SPH and the School of Information, emphasizing knowledge management and risk communication. She is the Diversity Chair for PHSA. She received her B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavioral Sciences, and holds minors in Applied Statistics and South Asian Studies from the University of California, Davis. Srishti's research interests lie in the management of tech implementations in health and in the development of solutions to global public health issues in low-income markets. She completed her summer internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC in Chicago, IL as an associate intern where she was involved in healthcare projects in both the strategy and the implementation practices of the firm. Outside of school, Srishti enjoys playing with her kitten Kabeera, hosting potlucks, and keeping up her side business of decorating candles with traditional henna designs.

Ilona Argirion - PhD ChairDoctoral Representative
Ilona Argirion (

Ilona Argirion is a second year PhD student in Environmental Health Sciences and is the PhD Chair for PHSA. She received her MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Michigan. Ilona's research interests are concentrated around cancer epidemiology and she is particularly interested in how gene-environment interactions may influence the various carcinogenic pathways. She is currently working in Dr. Laura Rozek's lab studying the epigenetic signatures of progression of pre-cancerous to cancerous oral lesions. Outside of school, Ilona enjoys spending time outdoors and studying about different cultures.

Brianne Brenneman - First Year RepresentativeFirst Year Representative
Brianne Brenneman (

Brianne is a 1st year student pursuing her MPH in Health Behavior and Health Education. She received her B.A. in Biochemistry with a minor in Business from Goshen College. Brianne's focus areas are in urban health, sustainable food systems and adolescent health-- all relating to preventative and integrative healthcare. Brianne loves to cook, sing, go on long walks and eat tacos whenever possible

Biostatistics Chair
Nicole Wakim (

Nicole is a 2nd year student pursuing her MS in Biostatistics with an emphasis on statistical genetics. She received her BS in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Virginia. Nicole researches statistical methods for single cell RNA-sequencing analysis. Apart from statistics, Nicole enjoys playing volleyball and making pottery.

Emmanuel Zervoudakis - EHS ChairEnvironmental Health Sciences Chair
Emmanuel Zervoudakis (

Emmanuel Zervoudakis is a 2nd year student ​​pursuing his MPH in Environmental Health, with a focus on Industrial Hygiene, and is the Environmental Health Sciences Representative for PHSA. He earned his B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Notre Dame. Emmanuel's interests lie in mitigating workplace exposures and promoting safe workplaces. He completed his summer internship with General Motors, working on Industrial Hygiene initiatives throughout southeast Michigan. Beyond the classroom, Emmanuel enjoys spending time outdoors.

Epidemiology Chair
Andrew Miller (

Andrew is a 2nd year Hospital and Molecular Epidemiology MPH student, pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics. He received his B.S. in Biology from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg FL, with minors in Chemistry and Anthropology. He is a research assistant with the Monto-Martin research group, and works on the Hospitalized Adult Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness Network (HAIVEN) and Household Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness (HIVE) studies. He also enjoys walking his dog, playing the guitar, and spending time with friends!

Tahoora Ansari - HBHE ChairHealth Behavior Health Education Chair
Tahoora Ansari (

Tahoora is a 2nd year MPH student in the Health Behavior and Health Education department. She received her B.S. in South Asian Studies and Biology from the University of Michigan. Prior to joining PHSA, she was Secretary of the Health Behavior and Health Education Students Association and Finance Chair for the Muslim Graduate Students' Association. Tahoora completed a summer internship with Saint Joseph Mercy Health System working on an upcoming Community Health Needs Assessment, Prescription for Health Program in Livingston County, and physician engagement through the lens of community health and wellbeing. Tahoora's public health interests lie in the confluence of healthcare and public health, specifically linking community efforts with clinical outcomes. Outside of school, Tahoora enjoys being a coffee connoisseur and spending time outdoors.

Nithya Rajendran - Health Informatics ChairHealth Informatics Chair
Nithya Rajendran (

Nithya Rajendran is a 2nd year student pursuing her Master's in Health Informatics and currently serves as the Health Informatics Chair for PHSA. She received her Bachelor's of Science in Health Promotion with an area of emphasis in Health Services from the University of Georgia. Nithya's career interests fall within the consumer health informatics domain. She hopes to leverage modern technology to support individuals in engaging in their own care and by creating a network of communication channels that extends healthcare delivery to everyday settings. Nithya completed her summer internship with Kaiser Permanente's Health Innovation Studio in Southern California, developing a mobile phone based application for type II diabetes self-management. Outside of school, Nithya enjoys attending Zumba fitness classes and music festivals.

Bill Zhang - HMP ChairHealth Management and Policy Chair
Bill Zhang (

Bill is a weird 3rd year student in SPH, pursuing his MHSA at Health Management & Policy and Masters of Engineering in Industrial & Operations Engineering-Healthcare Concentration. Bill is the HMP Chair of PHSA. Graduating as an dual Engineering degree student from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bill ended up working in Health IT Consulting for 2 years in Boston before coming to Michigan to seek more healthcare knowledge and better weather. Bill's research interest is in the application of technology & data to improve healthcare industry. He has been working on projects in optimization & simulation, patient safety, healthcare spending and other healthcare operations/policy topics. This past summer, Bill completed an internship managing projects at Cleveland Clinic's Executive Board Office. When Bill is not in his lab/classrooms, he enjoys rowing on the river, hiking without cellphone, cycling and cooking very spicy foods.

Breanna Anderson - Nutritional Sciences ChairNutritional Sciences Chair
Breanna Anderson (

Breanna Anderson is a 2nd year student pursuing her MPH in Nutritional Sciences and is the Nutritional Sciences Representative for PHSA. She received her B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with a minor in Sustainable Food Systems. Breanna's interests lie in clinical nutrition and eating disorders. She completed her summer internship with Michigan Dining, focusing on campus-wide nutrition and allergens and nutrition from a food service management perspective. Outside of the classroom, Breanna enjoys cooking, music, and spending time outdoors.

Undergraduate Representative
Faith Reynolds (

Faith is a junior in the new SPH undergraduate program, pursuing her BA in Community and Global Health and is the Undergraduate Representative for PHSA. She is also pursuing a minor in Food & the Environment through the School for Environment and Sustainability. Faith is interested in the obesity epidemic in the U.S. and its relation to our food system and culture. She is also a member of the Varsity Women's XC/Track & Field teams (Go Blue!) Faith loves to cook, watch Saturday Night Live, and listen to podcasts and music.