Competencies and Learning Objectives for Master of Public Health in General Epidemiology

5 Concentration Competencies for Master of Public Health in General Epidemiology
  Competency Specific course(s) that allow assessment
1Describe population patterns of health-related risk factors and health-related outcomes in terms of person, place, and timeEPID600, EPID602
2Compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of common epidemiologic study designs (e.g., cross-sectional, cohort, case-control, randomized experiments)EPID600, EPID602
3Interpret the impact of bias, confounding, and effect modification on causal inference in epidemiologic researchEPID600, EPID602
4Apply core aspects of field methods in epidemiology (e.g., survey design, sampling and power, surveillance)EPID670, EPID671
5Critically evaluate epidemiological findings from published research studiesEPID600