Residential MPH Core Curriculum Policy

At the University of Michigan School of Public Health, all Master of Public Health (MPH) students take the MPH Core Curriculum. This coursework lays the foundation for more specialized study within your department or program.

The requirements of the core curriculum differ for students in our residential and online MPH programs. Our residential MPH Core Curriculum addresses the Council on Education for Public Health’s (CEPH) 22 foundational competencies, as well as two competencies that showcase our unique commitment to Environmental Health and Nutritional Sciences.

As a pre-orientation requirement, all MPH students and later must complete an online course, Foundations of Public Health Practice, which is offered as a non-credit online module through the Canvas orientation site. MPH students must complete the course, but do not have to take the course exam.

In Fall 2023, Michigan Public Health is launching a new residential MPH Core Curriculum. During this transition period, the core curriculum requirements for students will vary depending on their matriculation date as outlined below. Check out the FAQ on the curricular updates.

If you began your residential MPH program in Fall 2021 or 2022, the requirements for completing the MPH Core Curriculum can be found here. 

**Please note: Current students are strongly encouraged to complete their remaining core requirements by Fall 2023/Winter 2024. 

FALL 2023

  • PUBHLTH 512: Principles Of Epidemiology For Public Health
    • Offered online and in-person
  • EPID 601: Principles and Methods of Epidemiology for Epidemiology students
  • BIOSTAT 521: Applied Biostatistics (includes doctoral and MS students)
  • PUBHLTH 507: Social Determinants of Health and Health Communication
    • This course will be replaced by PUBHLTH 508 in Fall + PUBHLTH 510 in Winter
  • PUBHLTH 508: Social Determinants of Health (online)
    • This course will be replaced by PUBHLTH 508 in Fall + PUBHLTH 510 in Winter - both of which will be offered online.
  • BIOSTAT 501: Developing Public Health Solutions (online)


  • PUBHLTH 510: Communication Fundamentals (online)
  • PUBHLTH 511: Nutrition and Public Health (residential-all remote in W23)
  • PUBHLTH 513: Public Health Systems, Policy And Management (residential-lecture remote, discussion in person)
  • PUBHLTH 513: Public Health Systems, Policy And Management (online)
  • PUBHLTH 514: Public Health Sciences And The Environment (residential)
  • PUBHLTH 516: Leadership Skills For Interprofessional Practice (residential, remote in W23)

If you are starting in the residential MPH program in Fall 2023, your requirements for the core curriculum are listed in the table below. 

The new residential MPH Core Curriculum consists of two 6-credit courses and must be taken during the first year of the MPH program.

Courses Credit Term Offered
PUBHLTH 500: Investigating Public Health Issues 6 Fall
PUBHLTH 501: Developing Public Health Solutions 6 Winter
Total core credits 12  

There are no waiver examinations or substitutions for the new residential MPH Core Curriculum. 

School-wide Curriculum Oversight

The Advisory Committee on Academic Programs (ACAP) is charged with the general oversight of the Core requirements and ensuring that Core courses are accessible to students.

These courses must be offered every year. Enrollment for all MPH Core courses is limited to first year MPH students, unless otherwise specified by the instructor, and cannot be capped.

Core Curriculum Grading

In Fall 2023/Winter 2024, PUBHLTH 500 and PUBHLTH 501 will be graded as satisfactory/unsatisfactory in order to facilitate the transition to the new Core Curriculum. If you have concerns about how the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading scheme will impact your coursework or career goals, please reach out to your academic advisor or the Core Director.