Competencies and Learning Objectives for Master of Public Health in Global Health Epidemiology

5 Concentration Competencies for Master of Public Health in Global Health Epidemiology
  Competency Specific course(s) that allow assessment
1Explain the history and key initiatives of global health, how health and development strategies interact, and the role of cross-sector organizations in global health governance and practiceEPID506
2Utilize health data from low- and middle-income countries to assess the global burden of disease, associated risk factors and health trends, and scope and limitations of available dataEPID506
3Apply the steps in developing research infrastructure for population health studies in low- and middle-income countries, including consideration of local ethics and IRB reviewEPID506, EPID664
4Develop strategies and capacity for resolving problems that arise when conducting epidemiology studies in low- and middle-income countriesEPID664, EPID665
5Demonstrate contextual expertise in at least one country/region including knowledge of the structure of health systems and the public health infrastructure, as well as major public health intervention programsEPID665, EPID506