Emergency Funding

Office for Student Engagement and Practice Support

The University of Michigan School of Public Health's Emergency Fund is intended to help the financial needs of public health students who encounter an emergency situation or an unforeseen expense during their degree program.

COVID-19 Emergency Funding

For students who have completed FAFSA, Federal COVID-19 Emergency Funds are available within the Wolverine Access Student Self-Service portal. Fall 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Funding, also known as HEERF, has been spent. No new funding is available for Winter 2022.

Office of Financial Aid Support

The Office of Financial Aid provides financial resources, information, options, and advice that removes financial barriers and allows students to focus on academic success. Eligible entering and continuing students can receive grants, scholarships, loans, and federal work-study funds. The office also provides short-term interest-free loans that should be used for unforeseen emergencies or short term situations.

Dean of Students Office

The University of Michigan's Dean of Students Office promotes student development and enhances the University of Michigan experience of undergraduate and graduate students through programs, services, partnerships/connections, and policy development that promotes an inclusive campus climate and facilitates the successful navigation of campus life. Dean of Students Office Emergency Funds are available to students who are unable to meet immediate, essential expenses due to temporary hardship related to an unforeseen or emergency situation. 

Center for Education of Women

The University of Michigan's Center for the Education of Women+ (Center for Education of Women) empowers women and underserved individuals in the University of Michigan and surrounding communities by serving as an advocate and providing resources to help them reach their academic, financial, and professional potential. Center for Education of Women is able to offer small emergency grants to current University of Michigan-Ann Arbor graduate and undergraduate students.