STATCOM Client Testimonials

Shelagh Saenz, Director of Career Development, School of Public Health

"It's been incredibly beneficial having highly trained and knowledgeable Statcom representatives help us analyze our data on recent graduate outcomes. They helped us get to the 'aha' moment of understanding the story about what the data was telling us. I am so thankful for the help I received at Statcom."

Robert W Jasinski, MD

"The STATCOM group at UofM were kind enough to make themselves available to analyze data in a paper we intend to publish. As a retired physician from private practice, I was gratified and surprised to learn that I could still have access to statistical expertise. Their work was well done, they had the patience to explain to me possible approaches, and it was they who had to wait for me, rather than the other way around, to get MY part done ! Great group, great work, and I suspect that they could add even more to projects larger than the one we did. thanks Team !"

Lesli Hoey, PhD, Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Michigan

"Statcom fills such an important gap in data management and analysis for community-based organizations that may not have the time, resources, and/or expertise to engage in more sophisticated evidence-based decision-making. In my own work with an NGO in Bolivia, Statcom is helping to guide our analysis and to determine additional ways we can make sense of the enormous amount of data we've collected."