Preparing Tomorrow’s Public Health Leaders: The Innovative MPH Core Curriculum at Michigan Public Health

What do today's Master of Public Health (MPH) students need to become successful public health professionals? They need training to tackle the world's most pressing public health issues, like climate change, infant mortality, structural racism, mental health, and firearm injury and death. And they need opportunities to collaborate with other public health professionals to prepare them for life after graduation, when the health of communities depends on effective multidisciplinary teams. Finally, they need to build interpersonal skills central to health equity: leadership, anti-racist practices, and teamwork.

The innovative new MPH Core Curriculum at the University of Michigan School of Public Health gives students exactly that. Michigan Public Health will empower you to tackle real-world public health challenges by providing opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork. By drawing on the expertise of the school’s world-class faculty and top-ranked departments, you will gain a holistic understanding on how to address public health issues while developing effective solutions to public health challenges. You also will develop critical interpersonal skills such as leadership and the capacity to disrupt systemic inequities to improve health equity. With hands-on, experiential learning, Michigan Public Health is preparing the next generation of public health leaders to address the world's most pressing issues. Join us.

Integrating Leadership, Anti-Racist Practice, and Teamwork

In MPH Core Curriculum courses, students work in groups to build interpersonal skills that will have a lasting impact on their public health careers. The curriculum fosters an environment where students learn and grow their leadership, teamwork, and anti-racist practice skills. An anti-racist foundation in the MPH Core Curriculum prepares students to deepen their anti-racist practice in subsequent courses and public health work. This focus puts into action our school’s shared commitment to anti-racism and health justice. 

MPH Core Curriculum Courses and Policies

All residential MPH students complete the MPH Core Curriculum in the Fall and Winter terms of their first year. This curriculum emphasizes a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach and fosters a holistic understanding of public health challenges.

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