Funding Opportunities

Small Grants program

CSEPH is now offering funding to students and fellows through our small grants program in order to further our mission to train and support students and fellows. 

  • The Early Career Research Grant is available to students and fellows who are at or near the beginning of their research career, in support of their research and development.
  •  The Translation Grant is available to students and fellows who are conducting translational work and research at the behest of a community partner.

Students and postdocs, please view the pages below to 1) determine which grant is appropirate for you, 2) view the required application components, and 3) to apply.



Do you have a great research idea, but lack the bandwidth to see it through? There are many limiting factors to producing high-impact research, including lack of staffing and resources. These barriers are
particularly relevant for early-career scientists. The Research Incubator Program addresses many of these hurdles, in order to accelerate the research activity of promising emerging scholars working in depression
and mental health research. 
The Eisenberg Family Depression Center (EFDC) is the first center of its kind devoted entirely to bringing depression into the mainstream of research, translational care and community education. As part of the
Center’s Data & Design Core, the Research Incubator Program provides rigorous hands-on support for early-career researchers, so that they can reach impactful research conclusions much more quickly and efficiently.

To learn more and apply, click here