Early Career Research Grant

Who should apply to the Early Career Research Grant? 

Our Early Career Research grants are for students and fellows who are early in their career and are looking to further their research. The work should contribute to CSEPH’s mission of researching the social determinants of health and health inequalities to improve population health. Master’s students, PhD students, and research fellows in the Epidemiology department are eligible to apply. We are not currently accepting applications from anyone outside of the department at this time.

How much funding can I receive? 

 We offer up to $8,000 for the Early Career Research grants.

What can I use the grant funds for? 

 Funds can be used as a student’s summer salary or as a stipend, or to fund travel related to the execution of the project, research supplies, and hosting costs. Funding will be paid through the Office of Financial Aid. 

Are there non-allowable costs?

 Yes. Funds cannot be used to cover effort or travel not specifically related to the execution of the project.

How long is the budget cycle? 

 The grant funding for the Early Career Research grants will be available for up to 12 months. At the close of the project, you are eligible to apply either for renewal or a no-cost extension. Any unspent funds at the close of the project will be returned to CSEPH.

What is required in my application?

You can apply here. You will be asked to provide :

  • A CSEPH faculty mentor who will oversee the project
  • Your CV
  • The name of the CSEPH faculty mentor who will oversee your project
  • A research proposal stating the research questions or specific aims of the proposed project, the planned sample or data source, and the general study design or approach (no more than 2 pages)
  • A professional statement that specifies how the proposed project will contribute to your professional development (no more than 500 words)
  • A statement demonstrating how the proposed project aligns with CSEPH’s mission (no more than 250 words)
  • An itemized budget (please use this one

When can I apply?

We have three annual submission deadlines - applications may be submitted by either Oct. 15, Feb. 15, or May 15.

*Application approvals/denials will be sent no later than 4 weeks after the application is submitted; please plan accordingly.

Where can I apply?

You can apply HERE

Are there any conditions that apply to me if I receive grant funding?

 Yes. All projects must receive IRB approval and you must provide proof of this before funds will be dispersed. At the end of the project, all grantees are expected to submit a final report describing the findings from the project, to present their research/product at a CSEPH seminar, to potentially serve as a reviewer for future awards, and to acknowledge CSEPH funding when presenting the research/product. 

Is there someone I can contact if I have any questions?

 Abbi Crowder is the Center Administrator and staff lead of the grants program. Please contact her (crowdabi@umich.edu) with any questions.