Belinda Needham, Ph.D., M.A.

belinda needham

Training: BS, MA, and PhD in sociology; postdoctoral training in population health

Research Focus: My research focuses on health disparities. In general, members of socially disadvantaged groups have worse mental and physical health than those who have higher social status. My work seeks to identify, explain, and reduce gender, socioeconomic, racial/ethnic, and sexual orientation health disparities. My primary research goals are to use novel approaches to assess health disparities across the life course and to identify the social structural, psychological, behavioral, and physiological mechanisms by which social disadvantage leads to poor health. 

What's So Great About CSEPH? CSEPH is a supportive environment where faculty, staff, and students work together to address critical public health challenges. I am inspired by my colleagues' dedication to reduce health inequities and to improve population health.

Tags: Disparities, Lifespan and Aging, Social Genomics