Rackham Grants, Stipend Calendar, Tax Information

Rackham Professional Development Grant
A Rackham Professional Development Grant is intended to support Rackham doctoral students seeking careers both within and outside academia. This funding is to support short-term experiences that promote the development of professional skills which will further a student’s career goals.

The Rackham Professional Development Grant cannot be combined with the Rackham Conference Travel Grant or Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant.

Rackham Conference Travel Grant
The Rackham Conference Travel Grant is intended to provide opportunities for Rackham graduate students to become familiar with, and participate in the life of, their academic professions. As part of its University-wide commitment to advancing international research and training, the International Institute provides funding for 30 awards to international destinations. The remainder of the funding comes from Rackham. You must submit your applications before the first day of the conference for travel through the end of the final term of registration. The conference may occur anytime up through your final semester of registration. Applications will not be considered for retroactive funding.

The Rackham Conference Travel Grant cannot be combined with the Rackham Professional Development Grant or Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant.

Due to University Travel restrictions, conference travel grants will not be granted until these restrictions are lifted. The only exceptions at this time are (1) for non-refundable expenses already incurred for a canceled conference, or (2) registration expenses related to participation in a virtual conference. Please note that in both of these cases, the student and conference must meet the eligibility requirements.

Rackham Stipend Disbursement Calendar
Students who receive Rackham full term fellowships, or are on external fellowships processed by the Rackham Fellowships Office, may find the disbursement calendar below helpful. It provides information on the university’s scheduled payment of stipends for the academic year 2020-2021 and for a spring/summer award.]

Tax Information
Information on this page is offered as a resource and should not be considered tax advice. Your individual situation may not be covered by this information.