Application Information

Applicants to this program generally are of two types: (1) predoctoral students who seek doctoral training in biostatistics, statistics, or computer science with a strong emphasis in genetics and (2) predoctoral students who seek doctoral training in human genetics or biology with a strong emphasis in biostatistics or computer science. Applicants may come from the participating departments of Biostatistics, EpidemiologyHuman Genetics, and Bioinformatics, from the departments of the other participating faculty in Biological ChemistryEcology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Health Sciences, Internal MedicineNutritional Sciences, and Statistics, or from departments not currently identified with the training program.

Applications for training program funding and/or membership are due March 1, 2021, and should include: CV, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, GRE scores (optional this year owing to the pandemic), three letters of recommendation from undergraduate or graduate faculty or research mentors, and a statement of research interests, experience, and training goals. The statement should make clear the interdisciplinary nature of the applicant's interests, the commitment to complete program course requirements, and an explanation of how the program fits with the applicant's career goals.

Applications should be e-mailed to:
Michael Boehnke and Peggy White

Applications must be received by March 1, 2021, to receive full consideration; later submissions may be considered if positions remain.