Kevin Boehnke Kevin Boehnke
Public health disparities related to potable water quality, health policy relating to water quality, Helicobacter pylori transmission, and epigenetic changes due to environmental exposures (lead and H. pylori).

Jessi Carrothers Krystin Carlson
Environmental Health Sciences.

Naima Hall Naima Hall
Environmnental Health Sciences.

Lauren Johns Lauren Johns
Environmental epidemiology, reproductive epidemiology, exposure assessment, endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Joseph Kochmanski Joseph Kochmanski, MPH

Lisa Marchlewicz Lisa Marchlewicz, MPH, RD
Nutrient-toxicant interactions, maternal-child health, perinatal environmental exposures, integration of epigenetic and metabolomics data, hepatic lipid metabolism, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Sheena Martenies Sheena Martenies, MPH
Environmental Health Sciences.

Chad Milando Chad Milando
Environmental Health Sciences

Pearl Nathan Pearl Nathan
Air quality, exposure assessment, and risk assessment.

Monica Silver Monica Silver, MPH, CPH
Environmental epidemiology, pesticides, heavy metals, neurodevelopment, and nutrient-toxicant interactions.

Katerina Stylianou Katerina Stylianou, MSc

Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA), particulate matter, intake fraction, and burden of human exposure.