Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Health

Environmental Qualty, Sustainability, and HealthThe Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Health (EQSH) Program is a multidisciplinary program that blends the sciences of environmental health and sustainability sciences. Environmental health is aimed at understanding, identifying, characterizing and mitigating environmental exposures that may adversely impact human health and the environment. Sustainability science addresses the dynamics of human-environment systems and the design, implementation, and evaluation of practical interventions to evaluate, mitigate, and minimize the consequences of human impacts on society and the planet.

Curriculum and Sample Schedules


More Information

If you want to find out if EQSH is for you, please contact one of our faculty members or our student services coordinator:

Sue Crawford
Graduate Program Coordinator

Professor J. Tim Dvonch
Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Health Program Director

EQSH Careers

EQSH professionals work in a wide range of fields in the public and private sectors. These include careers in local, county, state, or federal government related to water, soil, and air quality; environmental monitoring and consulting firms; environmental policy; and the sustainability/environmental research divisions of larger companies.